"Women in Construction" . . . "Women in Trades" - Are these the same women?

"Women in Construction" . . . "Women in Trades" - Are these the same women?

I asked this question earlier this week in my Facebook Group as a result of a conversation I had with a client over the weekend. The more involved I get with #NAWIC, the more I've come to realize just how far our reach is - whether #womeninconstruction or #womenintrades.

A few from the group participated with the response that "Women in Construction" is project managers, electricians, journeymen, superintendents, engineers, consultants . . . basically anyone in the #aecindustry including "Women in Trades", but . . . "Women in Trades" is any woman that works with her hands and that spreads widely throughout many industries. Go us right? I am impressed at our worldwide diversity to say the least - we are truly capable of anything.

I've also noticed that despite the pandemic, the construction industry seems to be doing very well. I think the pandemic in a sense has promoted some very overdue upgrades our industry needed - especially in the technology realm. In addition to this, I can also see that this decade is building momentum for some very overdue upgrades our culture needs - this is resulting in courageous conversations and more transparency when it comes to developing and maintaining physical, emotional and mental health.

"Our strengths are in our differences." is a quote I will borrow from a fellow NAWIC sister as we put together our DE& I Committee announcement for the NAWIC Today magazine.

We are physically different.

We are emotionally unique.

We are mentally divergent.

but we should all be committed to the same mission - empowering each other.

The professional coaching services I provide my clients with is 100% about that - empowering you with the tools you need to upgrade and level up your personal and/ or professional life.

You can find a better path to a healthier lifestyle.

You can create a niche in our industry for your dream.

I know it.

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