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What are you doing to break up with COVID?

The summer this year has come and will be gone before we know it. Unfortunately COVID is still plaguing us with the same stuff it has been for over a year.

What will the next year look like for you?

What are some of the things we can do to break up and get over COVID?

  • We can admit to ourselves that we have no control over other peoples actions.

  • We can work to make our health a priority. This is physical, but also mental and emotional.

  • We can make the decision that we are not perfect.

  • We can take an inventory of the things that have changed - good or bad - during COVID and how we would like those things to be present in your life moving forward as we continue to navigate.

  • We can accept the fact that we are not perfect, but rather persistent.

  • We can allow ourselves forgiveness so that any changes we are looking to make are looked at as opportunities rather than flaws we must correct.

  • We can continue to take inventory and align our lifestyle with our goals - short term or long term.

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