"I'm going to try it myself first."

I hear all too often, "I'm going to try it myself first." and because of that, I decided to put together a comprehensive 30 day program just for you so you're not alone.

With this 30 day program, you'll have some guidance and accountability, but still doing it yourself. If you are interested, the details and link to sign up are below or in my profile.

*Back to Health 30 Day Self Guided Starter - Just $97*

This self guided 30 day program is meant for someone that is looking to get started on their own, but also with a little bit of guidance and accountability. Workouts will be with bodyweight or minimal weights and will take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to complete with a warm up and cooldown included. So whether you are a morning person or a night person, you can get that workout in to help level up your health! If you'd like to continue working towards your goals, just by completing this plan you become eligible to receive 10% off any one of the current 12 week programs offered. How cool is that?! After completion of purchase, your account will be set up and emailed to you so you can get started today!

LINK TO MORE INFO & PURCHASE: https://woderation.pushpress.com/open/purchase/prd_ad90f5436608d1

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