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How do you get back to health and still love the life you live?

The health and fitness industry wants us to believe that it's all or nothing when it comes to our health - this puts an urgency on losing weight which causes us to attempt to create a lifestyle that is typically not sustainable. That urgency does make for great sales though. From supplements to workout equipment/ accessories, the list goes on. That conditioned frame of mind gets us into trouble when it comes to keeping those other things in our life a priority - work/life balance, family/ friends, mental/ emotional health, rest . . .

Are there success stories out there where an extreme shift in habits and lifestyle gets someone to their optimal goals in as little as 6 months, yes, but the question becomes - where are they now and what was their quality of life to get there?

I met with a client this morning to go over her progress metrics. We set her initial nutritional goals in February, but per usual (and I do it too folks!) she was thinking, "how can I do this faster?" . . . "where is the shortcut to my goals?" so she joined another group on social media and that coach made suggestions to the nutritional goals I gave her. My client confessed that she quickly realized that she had zero desire to watch the exact timing of all her food and constantly be on the lookout for a source of protein - it's just not the way she wants to live she said. We joked about the level of protein the other coach prescribed because, if you let it, one can easily become obsessed with finding "the meat". Also, there is a notion out there that more protein equals weight-loss when the truth is, your body cannot process additional protein for repair and recovery (aka "getting stronger") if you don't have the corresponding carbohydrates and lipids to go along with it. And then of course, did you know that weight-loss isn't really a sure path to health?

I'd like to share another story with you. One of my coaches was approached by a newly established local smoothie bar and as I would do, offered a meetup to get to know one another and support other small businesses. I was super excited to meet with this other business owner, but quickly realized during our conversation that her brick and mortar was just another vehicle for her MLM or what some people know as a pyramid scheme. Although I could appreciate her entrepreneurial drive, several bits of information that she shared with me set off the red flags when she bragged about the results of the products she delivers.

  • She lost weight during the pandemic without working out.

  • Everything is non-perishable.

  • The CDC deemed their business essential during the pandemic.

I can tell you that when I googled the MLM after she left, I founded articles about traces of lead in their products and several class action lawsuits. To her points though, weight-loss is never just pure fat . . . weight-loss is fat AND muscle loss and muscle is what burns calories while your body is at rest. Non-perishable food has it's time and place - is it really how you want to live your life just to drop a couple of pounds? Last, the CDC deemed liquor stores essential in order to prevent additional medical resources from being used on giving medical attention to addicts going through withdrawal instead of treating COVID patients. Shame on her for making these claims!

If you are wondering how to get back to health and still be able to say you love the life you live, then I encourage you to participate in my Back to Health, September Workshop where we will break all of this down and get your toolbelt filled with the right set of tools to do the best possible YOU in your personal and professional endeavors!

Registration closes soon so reserve your spot today by following this link.

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