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Health Equals Success

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to be an opening speaker for the Constructing Your Future Women’s Forum 2020 hosted by #collc. I had the opportunity to speak about nutrition. You've all heard the 80/20 rule right? A healthy body composition is constructed with 80% nutrition and 20% fitness but even then, to tell you the honest truth, that nutrition only needs to be dialed in 80% of the time for you to see results.

It does not have to be as strict as all these fad diets out there make it out to be.

After my brief crash course in macros and flexible nutrition, we did a little networking where I asked a couple of tables to join and form a teams that would design a healthy plate for 3 meals and 2 snacks in a day.

At the conclusion of this session, I gave my feedback to two groups for the posters they created.

What would you say about this poster?

The most important thing that I wanted to drive home is that morning is that protein needs to be more prominent in our meals and snacks if we want to work on developing that healthy body composition - muscle vs fat ratio.

More protein means more muscle mass and a body that burns calories effectively at rest.

More protein means a body that repairs itself efficiently while we sleep after daily external stressors like our jobs, germs, family, you name it.

We want to create a body that will continue to serve us as we age so that we can do more things in our lifetime.

Health equals success. Without your health, your hard work will be for nothing in the end.

Health does not equal skinny. Skinny does not equal happiness.

With it being #wicweek2020 and being a women in construction myself, I know we have all worked very very hard to get to where we are now today - whether it be professionally or personally.

We've taken additional classes to get better at what we do for work.

We have sought out mentors for advice on our careers and we have even put in our most precious commodity, time, into furthering our careers through various others conduits - isn't our health worth the same amount of time and attention?

Why do we choose complacency when it comes to our health?

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