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Eating Protein VS Drinking It

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Sounds a little gross when you see it written like that doesn't it? Am I talking about making a smoothie out of your hamburger verses just eating the hamburger? Hahahaha ew no.

What I'm talking about is supplementing your nutrition with protein shakes.

Protein shakes are a common post-workout go to because it's pre-processed food so your body can digest it more quickly and easily after a workout. It's basically adult baby food hahaha. I'm not wrong am I?

It's also a common method to weight loss for many of these MLM's or fad diets out there. Just drink this shake for food, this shake for more fiber, use this patch for more energy and this powder to make all your stress melt away and look younger. Here's an idea - how about just eat real food?

Well, because we're always on the run. Technology has made it so easy to do more things in less time. So if drinking a shake for lunch keeps us on track with our goals, then that's how it's gotta be. Well...yes and no. If the rest of your daily diet isn't on par, you could really be doing all of this for nothing - here's why as covered in this article I read:

  • Protein from whole foods like meat and dairy are going to have the amino acids the body needs to make muscle, repair and generate new tissue - shakes don't.

  • There are 10 essential amino acids that your body needs and that cannot come from the body - they have to come from food. These amino acids are used by the body to make protein for repairing body tissue, break down food, regulate neurotransmitters in our brain so that we can control mood and behavior.

  • Shakes are heavily fortified in order to cover some of the bases whole foods do when it comes to vitamins, fiber or antioxidants but they still lack.

  • A higher protein diet will also improve your body composition. This can also help with hormonal issues as our hormones are stored in our fat cells.

In conclusion, if you're looking to dial in your nutrition - make sure you have the WHOLE picture.

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