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Damage Control

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

The other day I posted on social media about damage control. I know most of us, especially on Instagram, don't really take the time to read the words behind the photo. I'm guilty of it. Lately, I've made a point to pause and see what else the individual has to say.

Is it just hashtags for self promotion or have they elaborated on the topic that they are calling attention to with their photo? Is this post important to them?

What message are they trying to get across, if any? Doesn't have to be a particular message either, sometimes it's just fine to appreciate the content, laugh or even cry about it. But I like to wonder.

With another 30 days issued to us for Shelter in Place, it seems the ads for overnight abs and instant booties are at an all time high. People are so distressed about what's happened the last 4 weeks that they are desperate to find a solution to make all of this go away. A lot of people are thinking weight-loss is the answer. Weight-loss will make them fit back into their jeans, they'll be happy. Weight-loss will make them love who they see in the mirror again, they'll be happy. Weight-loss will mean they didn't just go through probably some of the most stressful times in our lives - emotionally, mentally and physically...and you'll be happy right?

We literally have all the time in the world right now - so why aren't we motivated?

When I say damage control - it's about getting my clients to relearn what it means to really take care of their body on all levels.

To know where to get their nutrition from with real food and know that shakes, specialty drinks and supplements are merely for convenience - not a way of life. To know that no matter what their health goal is, if you're unhappy with yourself it's likely achieving that health goal won't make you happy unless you really address the root of the cause. Calling yourself fat with your friends or tugging at your lower abdominal area does not reinforce positive things about yourself to your subconscious and it will never serve you well in the end.

To know that a workout doesn't have to be 3 hours long to be effective and that without proper function, there is no fitness. Knee issues and lower back problems are common limitations when people decide they want to be more active. These issues are due to childhood sports, running, weightlifting and even, believe it or not, living a sedentary life.

It's these extremes that produce injury.

If you're looking to get started onto something new for yourself to make your health a priority, think about how extreme it compares to your current lifestyle. If it's a hard shift, chances are that the commitment will only be temporary and so will the results.

I want to help you control the damage you do to yourself with these false promises and quick fixes. It's more than gaining the weight back. It's mentally consuming and emotionally exhausting.

I want to help you reach your goals so you can make new ones to move forward not start over.

Don't know where to start? Then let's start with a phone call and go from there.

I offer a variety of programs to educate you so you get to where you want to be and come out of this better than you went in!

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