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Coping with the Fear of Failure

Do you sometimes feel like those that "have it together" are fearless?

That they somehow have cracked the code and can do anything their heart desires?

Nothing is stopping them from getting from point A to point B and they are consistently successful at everything they do . . . well, I can tell you that it's not the case. No one has their path defined for them nor are they guaranteed anything simply for taking more chances. We all have the same opportunity to obtain what we desire.

Successful people struggle with failure all the time and it's truly just a matter of perception.

You can look at what society calls failure as a message that you're not good enough OR you can look at it as another opportunity to hone your skillset, your mind and your body to find another way to get to the next point - whether it's in your career or personal life.

In my work, I see all too often the fear of failure take women into a state of burn out. We think that if we do more, we will be more successful when all the while we will repeatedly continue to ignore the signs of it being too much. In addition to that, the construction industry, although evolving, still breeds the mindset that "the grind" is how you get there. How you go from APM to PM. How you get to that six figure salary. How you get people to value your work ethic . . . to like you. How to make a difference. Then comes a generation that speaks up and says "hey, wait a minute - I want more in my life besides work" and what do we do? We call them lazy, unmotivated and clueless. And this is women doing this to women in our industry! We are literally holding ourselves down with selfish thinking about the change that needs to happen instead of coming together as resources. In addition to that, you certainly cannot get to where you want to be without your health, yet that is often times the first compromise we make when we decide to take on new responsibilities.

If you are thinking you want more out of your career and your personal life I can tell you that right there is the right path to get on, but the only way you are going to be able to walk that path is if you get out of your own head and have confidence that putting one foot in front of the other is going to get you where you want to be. You have to trust your own ability or else, no amount of classes, coaching or group of peers are going to get you there.

What are you most fearful of in your career? Your personal life?

Tell me why.

Now, let's change your mind.

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