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Construction Work vs Gym Workout

I hear this a lot from my clients that work in the field - "I get my workout at work."

The thing about the stuff we do at our jobs (which is where we spend the majority of our time) is that often times it's very repetitive and just like an athlete needs to cross-train to be better at their sport, it's important for us cross-train as well to build on strength, mobility and flexibility in our off time to prevent injury or physical burn-out at work.

Cross-training is essentially working your body in the opposite way that you usually do so that the muscles and joints you use more regularly have the opposite supporting muscles and joints to support them through fatigue - this is what helps keeps us injury free. Of course, in addition to this, proper PPE goes a long way. I cannot tell you how many stories I have heard of bad knees from kneeling all day, scaring on hands and forearms from welding or loss of hearing from pure stubbornness if you ask me.

Even sitting at a desk all day is physically taxing to our bodies. Why? Because it's doing the same thing each and every day - repetitive.

Here's an article I read this morning to the same effect.

I know the health and fitness industry has blown up working out to be all about the physical aesthetics, but the reality of it is that remaining functional throughout our lives and into our later years should come first and foremost. Maintaining a physical health doesn't mean back gains or abs or running a 6 minute mile. It's honestly so much simpler than that.

If you are looking to find out a little more about what you can do to improve the quality of your health and life, head over to my Facebook group. We have started things off a little early for #wicweek so make sure you get in there soon so you don't miss anything!

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