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As a mixed race woman in construction for over 20 years (a fairly new member to NAWIC though), I can say that I have seen and been a part of both sides of the spectrum when it comes to diversity, inclusion and equity in this industry. 


I have been given opportunities I likely never would have had because there was a quota to meet and I have also lost opportunities to my equal male counterparts because of my gender and the stigma tied to that in the eyes of ownership.  My vision and commitment to this committee is to give the younger generation a voice and the older generation the education to work together without bias within all capacities of construction - field and office.  We all play a part of the growth and stability of this industry and if our foundation is weak, like any structure, it will fall. 


Let’s have those tough talks! 

Let’s be bold. 


Let’s be honest.


Let’s be confident. 


Let’s level up and embrace change.



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