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Rowena Dziubla, owner and head coach at WODeration LLC founded the company in 2017 with the original goal of helping people find time to lose weight and be healthy without committing to a gym membership or starving as the services she offers through this platform are virtual. 


“Learn about moderation and macros and how they play a role in personal and professional success” was her motto. 


Since starting this company, while working with the various clients she has worked with in the construction industry, she found NAWIC - the National Association of Women in Construction.  It was then she came to realize that her purpose for this company was to help other women like herself - women in construction - level up not only in their personal lives but in their career by empowering them with their health.


As a NAWIC chair for the Chicago Metro Chapter #325 and Midwest Region, she leads their digital marketing efforts.  Coach Ro balances the health coaching work by also bringing awareness to the construction industry as a viable career choice for women from all backgrounds.  In addition to health coaching services, she also offers career oriented coaching - both on the individual and corporate levels.


Earlier this year in February, before the pandemic hit, she had the opportunity to present at Constructing Opportunity’s Women’s Forum event in Naperville, to share her knowledge on nutrition and how doing that right can have an incredible impact on our professional and personal relationships - including time management, lowering stress levels as well as maintaining overall emotional and mental health.  Although it was a successful workshop, it was still not enough to get the word out about how important our health really is. 


You’d have to agree that all of this is coming around full circle with all that is going on in our world the last 3 to 4 months wouldn’t you?


As construction industry professionals, we often make the personal sacrifices to commit to advancing ourselves professionally but rarely do we apply that same mindset to our health. We start convincing ourselves that it’s our age, our genetics and our hormones that are holding us back but, from experience in my work, but she can promise you that is not true.  You can significantly improve your health at any point in your life with the means and methods Coach Ro teaches in her programs regardless of where you are starting from.


The tools she provides you with for lifelong success are not special shakes or patches or detoxing plans. WODeration LLC is not an MLM.  Rowena's coaching is focused on finding solutions to your personal challenges with sticking to a healthy lifestyle.  Eating is allowed and there will never be a requirement for you to spend hours upon hours in the gym in order to reach your goals.  There are no restrictions on the type of food you can eat and after a short period of time, it becomes very apparent just how much nutrition can help you meet those deadlines and continue to burn the candle and both ends as we tend to do.


So, I’d like to ask, did any of the above resonate with you? 


We all have time for improvement, especially when it comes to our health.

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