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Individual Coaching

Nutrition is a very pleasurable emotional experience for most of us and it often leads to over indulgence as a response to those feelings, be it good or bad.  Food is integrated into our daily lives - we should eat to live rather than live to eat.

Coach Ro works with her clients to develop a nutrition plan that works for the individual's personal and professional demands of time, budget and preferences.


From the small business owner to the athlete in training, Coach Ro delivers personalized coaching at the highest of levels.


Say goodbye to "it worked for me last time", having brain fog and feeling tired all the time.  With Coach Ro's customized nutritional guidance, you can count on reaching your goals without food restrictions, feeling deprived and irritable or hungry all of the time.

Functional Health is incorporating deliberate activity is a necessary part of our modern world.  Not only are our bodies designed to move, but being active is a gateway to relieving emotional, mental and physical stress.

Coach Ro's functional training style focuses on increasing mobility and flexibility so that strength can be built on a proper foundation.

If you're looking to find a way to safely begin a strength training routine, Coach Ro will get you there without the risk of injury.

Build the core to reduce lower back and hip pain. 


Increase cardio endurance without running.

Maintain bone density and get stronger.

Create health and confidence without a focus on restrictions and the number on the scale.

Career Coaching is about getting you to that next level whether it be updating your resume to attract the job you truly desire or work on your skillset so that you can feel more confident in your current position.  If you are feeling stuck, let's talk.

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